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Do not like the picture.  I'd like a big picture there, just not that one.


Unless the little green things at his legs are targets, that is.


The screen thing around the lamp is weird.  Blocks light coming from the window; maybe it has some sort of other purpose.

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The coffee table is different.

That is the only thing I like.

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I don’t think I like anything in that space.
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Oh my, I really dislike that picture. There are parts of the room that I like but as a whole, it would be a "No" for me.


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I don't care for the artwork but at least it would remind me to spray Liquid Fence in the garden from time-to-time.

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These more modern style rooms with long windows always look like meeting rooms in hotels, offices, or Hospitals...maybe it's me.

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Seems like such an odd picture to have in this space.

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What kind of grown buck with antlers has Bambi spots??

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I like the size/scale of the picture.  It's just right for that room.


I don't care for the deer.