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I was thinking of buying an ocean-scented candle, closing my eyes, and pretending that’s where I am.  

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Imagine sitting in these chairs...turn them around for a nice ocean view but the high railing is blocking your view!! Not a fan at all with this porch!! 

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WOW....that's one fancy "porch". What a beautiful setting- I'm not sure I'd ever want to leave it!  Heart



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The view, which is the best part, is obscured. Not pleasing to me.

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Love the porch itself and the view. Turn those chairs around! 

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@SXMGirl , @OKPrincess , and @SunValley 


I had the photographer turn the chairs toward the camera just for the photo.  It makes for a more "design-like" look when you can see the chair fronts.  Woman LOL

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