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perfection.  wish i was there. 

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@Homegirl wrote:

In case you are curious, @NicksmomESQ , I found the photo connected with Coastal Living magazine and this is what they said about it:


Get this Look: The shingles are natural white cedar. The trim is painted Mayonnaise by Benjamin Moore. The table is teak, and the rug is by Dash & Albert.

Panoramic water views, ocean-inspired décor, and classic charm are abundant on this restful Jersey Shore porch.



I wish I could say that was my house.  Unfortunately, it is not.


I do love the Jersey Shore though.

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Love the view

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Oh wow wish I could live like that!  We have an oceanside condo, but its one bed, one bath. So small, but it gets me to the beach!   We have looked at property like this on the Delaware and Maryland shore and it’s way out of reach. The taxes and flood insurance alone are outrageous but hey lucky lucky folks who can do it. Dream house!




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Do we have iced tea to go with this porch?  If not,no problem, I'll get by. 

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@Homegirl  I love the view, but I would need the chairs facing the water and the chairs would have ottomans.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Gorgeous porch, gorgeous view!







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Good luck with you beach house hunt.  May it be everything you & DH want it to be.

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Oh Yes !

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I could so use a month there.