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In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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@stevieb. Beautiful view!!

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I'd prefer some pattern rather than just solid color on the decor pieces but, with that view, I could live with it.
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Beautiful! Right now, however, I don't find the idea of living on a beach very desirable - with hurricanes! If its in CA, then you have earthquakes and fires....I think those are reasonable concerns.

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I want to live there!  Don't care about the decor, all I need is a sleeping bag and that view!

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Well, that's my dream home right there!

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Re: Ocean View...

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I think this room is tastefully decorated. It evokes a calm and serene feeling.


But about that water...unless this is in an apartment/condo with a pool and beach chairs below that we can't see and is surrounded by restaurants and fun boutiques, I find it foreboding.


I love water--it just has to be in the right setting.

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@stevieb   All I needed to hear was Ocean View. Decor is secondary at this point. I can hear the waves now ~~~~~~~

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Love the color used, just no pattern as mentioned.


I don't do large ottomans, but coffee tables with mega personality.


I love gentle not rough water.

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That is gorgeous!  I love the color palette and the soft nod to a nautical vibe.  Very nice!