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Yipes!  Where's the shower?  And what is that next to the window??  I like the sinks and counter.

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I Heart it. 

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I love it too!  The only thing I'd change is adding MANY more cabinets and closet space.  I never seem to have enough of that in a bathroom.

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It is different

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Nothing about it I like. Too much wood and stone. I like sleek and more modern.

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The Flintsones must have struck oil.

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I'd need a crane to get me into and out of that bathtub.

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I would never get out of that tub !!!

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Its very pretty, but not at all my style. Too much stone for me..I am not a tub person, would prefer a very large shower instead, although my husband would love a huge tub......He likes to relax in a tub every now and then...