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I have a very limited table top space for anything.  But looking around my living room, I do have two rabbits.  One is an organic shaped rabbit made of clear glass on a mirrored cabinet.  The other is a French Country-ish rabbit on the floor.  He's rather large.


Coffee table I have 4 clear glass cubes with square votives in them (orange) and a bowl of mixed greens sea glass I've collected over the years.  (LOTS of sea glass throughout my home).


I have 2 pieces of driftwood, one is on the floor and holds my french door open.  The olther piece is on a reclaimed wood side table as a decorative piece.


Other than that, many houseplants that I just repotted today and brought back inside from the back deck.  Twelve in all.

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I have 3 pieces of Royal Albert bone china. The pattern is Old Country Roses and I think it's beautiful. 

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I donated alot of stuff preparing to move from the house I sold. But I do have several pieces of depression glass and pressed glass dishes that I love. Also old creamers/sugar sets and a few pitchers of various sizes. They packed away too. But not a fan of dusting--- my grandfather-in-law gave really old teacups and saucers that are amazing --those are packed away too.

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@insomniac2 wrote:

CalminHeart, I love your sly use of italics.


I actually didn't mean it that way. Smiley Happy

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All I really collect are antique candle molds which are on the mantle.

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Wow! Some of you are serious collectors!

I love how you display things!


Our tv room is DHs domaine. He has car & plane models, and really, since he's got all that stuff, he's the one who dusts in there! Smiley Happy


I don't have anything packed away.

The only reason I started with rabbits was that I used to have a pet mini lop, Pierre, who was the neatest little house pet with tons of personality. And then Boyd's came along.


@Enufstuff, I wonder if your furniture goes with your great Egyptian collection. When decorating, you go with the character of your house,


@jlkz, Your swans sound neat, too! I have only 1, rather large, resting on the floor. He's got his beak turned into his back.


@wilma, Wow! For the bell collection! DH brought home a rack of antique sleigh bells with the most lovely tone I've ever heard in bells!


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Since moving into our home 6 years ago, we've slowly remodeled and updated every room, including bathrooms, but didn't do finished basement.  It's done.  I have a large house, 7500 square feet) and when we moved in, I looked forward to decorating it with all kinds of stuff.  Well, that hasn't happened.  I have found that when a room is done, I don't like the clutter or the knicknacks.  I like a nice, clean look.  I dislike having to move a lot of stuff in order to dust and clean.  I find that even though I have a large home, it's pretty easy to clean.  My only exception is in my kitchen.  I collect, well used to, Disney cookie jars.  I have about fifty plus, but only have space for 12.  

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I attempted to sell some of my Fitz and Floyd and other pieces....not a single taker even when I only want a few dollars for them. I think ma y prefer to just buy stuff in thrift stores now, plenty of what used to sell for hundreds of dollars are now not considered worth anything. Sad... it true. I am tired of dusting and moving them around. The kids start running the other way if I even mention them taking anything.

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Re: Nicknacks & Decoratives

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@Harpa   The Egyptian style in decorative arts was popular from 1880-1830. My house was built in 1914 in the Craftsman, Four Square Style. But, I didn't really buy decor to fit the house. I just bought what I loved.


    Having been in the antique business since the 70's, my furniture is a mix of late 19th century with some Victorian pieces,

with oriental rugs.


   I only added my Egyptian decor in the 1980's, having a strong interest in Egyptian history since high school. In the 1980's, had a lifestyle change after a divorce from a 21 year marriage. I had many friends in the Middle Eastern community

and embraced the foods and music of Egypt and Lebanon. We went to a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants in the Boston area.


  My Jazz dance instructor encouraged me to join her Middle Eastern dance classes. I became friends with other Middle Eastern dancers and went to many workshops in Boston and studied with several instructors from Egypt and Lebanon.


  So, my decor worked well with my antique furniture and rugs. I was happy listening to the music, practicing dancing,

surrounded by the Egyptian decor.


  One of my daughters also took dance classes and we did shows together. With bad knees, I no longer dance, but I have not tired of my Egyptian decor, music and food. Sadly, those

great restaurants no longer exist. I make the food at home.

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I tend to be obsessive if I start a collection, so I'm very careful about what I collect.  I have miniature china buildings made by Royal Crown Derby.  They only made a limited number of designs, so my complete collection is displayed in a hexagonal vitrine on a console behind the sofa.


On the other hand, I have enough china and linens to furnish multiple houses.  I will need to downsize those at some point in the not-too-distant future.  In the meantime, I have great fun using the items for dinner parties with friends and, sometimes, just for us.