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Re: Nice Way To Hide The TV

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Since DH and I are "maybe" planning to do this (or something similar) your posts have given me a lot to think about.  My preference would be to have a fireplace but DH disagrees.  As far as the tv goes, I could live with it up a little higher because I have to recline back with my feet up and the neck wouldn't be a problem. DH, on the other hand doesn't like looking up from his chair.


Actually, I could do without a tv in that room as we have 3 others.  One in each bedroom and one in the den.  Once again, DH likes the idea of one in the great room for when company comes over.  My point to him is.....we never watch tv when we have company! When we do they go to the den!


I'll stop there.  As you can see, it just gets more and more complicated. LOL!  I'm thinking maybe we should just flip a coin or keep the entertainment center the way it is.

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The placement of the tv is ok, but I'm not wild about it.  With all those windows, a good ray of sun is going to ruin the show you're watching by shining right on that screen!