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Just warning you - NYC is EXTREMELY crowded during Christmas. Just sayin....

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I just did NYC at Christmas this past year.  I stayed at the Ameritania I think it was called on 54th street.  It is crazy crowded around Christmas which is why I stayed a bit off the Times Square beaten path just a bit.  I'm originally from Jersey and go home quite a bit so unless this is your first trip and you need to do the normal tourist things, I would relax and enjoy myself rather than try and beat through the holiday crowds. 


Don't forget to take in the Christmas windows at all of the shops.  They are a spectacle to see. Go early in the morning so you don't have to wait and can take your pics in peace.  


I also second the Rockefeller center especially at night.  Crazy crowded and there is a light show too but be warned you'll be hard pressed to breathe so steel yourself for the experience.  Get your show tickets for Radio City at the TKTS booth in Times Square so you aren't paying full price.


It also can be quite cold so be prepared if you're not used to a real winter season.  Above all, have fun and enjoy the city!