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New Metal Storage Bins

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at Target.  I have had difficulty copying it but there are several sizes.  The one I bought is 12 x 13 and 14 deep for $19.99.  It's a dark gray coated metal wire and has rose gold handles on each side.  I bought it to store winter scarves and hats for my closet in the entry way.  There are smaller sizes that can be used in an office or in a bathroom.  


Small Milk Crate with Copper Handles - Threshold™




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Re: New Metal Storage Bins

Nice bin. I just love 🎯 

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Re: New Metal Storage Bins

Bins and crates are great for organizing.  I have many around the house, they alleviate clutter and allow you to have certain items in one place.  I like this particular bin, Target has many great choices!

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Re: New Metal Storage Bins

@KatCat1, looks perfect for your needs. Just now seeing this thread, so I'm sure you already have it filled and in your entryway closet. Enjoy knowing where all your scarves and hats are.
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