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Need recommendations for a new washing machine

I prefer a top loader,  but am wondering about washing machines with  agitators versus non agitators. Does one clean better than the other? Are the ones with agitators harder on clothing?  I know ones without an agitator leave more room for blankets and heavier items.  Are there any particular brand of washing machines you prefer?  Any help you can give me, would be so appreciated.  My machine just died and I want to buy another as quickly as possible.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine


@Lady Chat  We have a 2-3 year old Whirlpool non agitator washing machine. We love it now but we had a definite learning curve. It doesn't sound like an agitator machine as it sounds like a spaceship, we joked in the beginning that the mother shop was landing. Also HE detergent is required we didn't realize that and used regular detergent and that didn't clean the clothes well.  All good now. 

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

2 recommendations...Maytag Commercial Grade Residential model MVWP575GW & Speed Queen top loader but make sure it isn't the redesigned washer made in 2018. Good Luck @Lady Chat, I hope you're happy with your new washer.

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

@Lady Chat  I have had both and as far as cleaning I didn't see any difference.  Front loader requires bending down which can be hard on the back. If you choose large top loader capacity without agitator make sure you can comfortably reach the bottom of the drum. Mine it really deep. 

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

@Lady Chat 


We've had our LG washer and dryer about 6 months.  It doesn't have an agitator and has done well.  My clothes come out clean.

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

@Lady Chat  We have an Electrolux front load, no agitator, recommended to us by the store sales rep because we have a second-floor laundry.  I initially was going with a Speed Queen.  We have been very  happy with this washer, with no problems at all for the 5 years that we have had it.  


We started out with Maytag, thinking that we were getting a better machine than the Whirlpool that we had for a long time, but a computer chip broke in the washer and we had to have  our kitchen completely repaired when it came through the ceiling.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  Since we bought it from Sears, and  this was 20 years ago, they immediately brought out another one.  Our biggest problem with Maytag, other than damaging our kitchen, was the corporate office person who had to be threatened with a federal lawsuit in order to get my kitchen repaired.  I would never own a Maytag again.

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

We replaced a LG nonagitator washer with a GE agitator washer within the last year.  THhe new one is so  much better!  I really hated the LG - it was constantly going off balance and I literally had to stand next to it and babysit it to get it to complete a cycle.  It was a real pain! And, it died and was not able to be replaced...ugh

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

I have had both top load and front.  I HATE front load.  It didn't clean the clothes, the seal on the door was slimy.  It came with the house we bought.  When we bought the house we are in now, it had a new washer and dryer - front load.  I called St. Mathews to come pick them up and went to Lowes and bought a no bells and whistles Whirlpool top load washer (with an agitator) and dryer.  I have had them for 6 years and I love them.  I don't like the fact that you can't pause and let a batch of clothes soak though.  I don't know who thought that was a good idea, but I couldn't find one that would let me do that.  


My sister has a top load without an agitator and she said that her clothes never seem clean.  It is a water saving feature...the tub never fully fills so she has to do smaller loads more often.  Forget the water saver.  I want clean clothes.

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

It's sad major appliances are expensive and made poorly.  Washers don't use enough water. 


I have an LG front load washer with a huge tub for washing king sized comforters.  It cleans excellent with all sorts of clothing.


The only problem is there's too much maintenance for keeping it clean and odor free.  The design of front load washers is terrible. 


For being made overseas they are extremely overpriced.  (All major appliances). 

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Re: Need recommendations for a new washing machine

@Lady Chat  I totally agree with KitCat51.  Two years ago, I was in the same situation you are in now.  I bought a Maytag without the agitator that most models are today.  They have what are called washing plates.  Nothing but problems and within the first year, (thankfully was still under the 1 year warranty) had to have the repairman down at least 10 times because the machine would just stop between cycles.  Repairman replaced several parts and some of the same parts even more than once...never could find the problem.  So, Maytag (which is now owned by Whirlpool) condemned the machine as unfixable and gave me a credit towards another machine of my choice.  


I picked the Commercial Maytag for Residential use and, although it was more money than the original washer I had purchased, it is a dream to own.  It has the regular agitator and not loaded with a ton of bells and whistles.  It also is not HE, meaning you can get a full washer of water to clean your clothes, instead of the spit of water in the new HE machines.  Love this machine!  Also, there is a full 5 year warranty as opposed to the other machines which are only 1 year.  The other option would be the Speed Queen, but as KitCat referenced make sure you don't buy the one model that was a dud for them.   Good Luck. 

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