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I'm in need of a new washer. I currently own a Maytag. It's stopped working after 20 years. I don't really want a front load type, but I won't rule it out. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Re: Need new washing machine

I understand how you feel, my Whirlpool is almost 25 and still works like a charm.

If it were me, I would go for a very simple top loader with an agitator, like I have now. If it aint broke, dont fix it!!!

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Re: Need new washing machine

On 4/13/2014 poster cmoose had a post on Beauty Banter about needing a new washing machine -"o/t Need a new washing machine after 3 years - any recommendation's?" She received 66 replies. I found this interesting because soon I also be looking into purchasing one.

Hope you can find this post and it helps you.

Like Shelbelle, my Kenmore is about 16 years old, is a top loader with an agitator. I have 6 settings and 3 water levels. That's all I want and all I am looking for.

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Re: Need new washing machine

I have had to start the replacing of all my appliances within the last few years and boy.....what an education. They don't make them like the ones we are replacing. My washer and dryer went first so I finally decided on Samsung front loaders. I was not a fan of the front loaders but I needed ones large enough for king size bedding. I was also tired of either twisting my back or fighting with the laundry trying to get it out of the washer. I'm pleased with them but it took me a while to adjust to the "new" method of washing. I had checked around with some friends of mine who also had to replace washer/dryers within six months of when I did and they bought different brands (LG and Whirlpool) and were not very pleased with the results.

I'm a Consumer Reports fan so I did my homework there to get a list of brands/ features to help me decide. I also posted on the QVC forum and receive very useful information from the forum. The one thing that I found to be most useful to me was to check how wide the door/lid opening was and where it was positioned. Depending on your height and what size the loads are this could become a major inconvenience when doing laundry. My friend also mentioned about which side the door mounts are placed depending on where they are going to be positioned in your home. (not all doors are able to be mounted on either side) . If you have a small laundry area, these issues can become a pain.

It's been about two years now and I am happy that I bought the Samsung. I also purchased the storage drawers for underneath. Now I have the washer and dryer at an even level for loading and unloading laundry and storage for the laundry supplies.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Need new washing machine

I also love my Samsung front loading set. So many people say they have problems with the front loaders, but I love my set.

I also bought the pedastals. I thought they were expensive for what you get, but I wanted them anyway.

I got the steam set. It is nice and I use that feature when washing towel and greasy clothing (dh's).

I lose track of time. I think I've had mine maybe 3 years?

My washer gets clothes cleaner than any washer I've ever owned and that's quite a few. My whites are really white! My clothes also come out of the dryer fluffy and never wrinkled.

I had a Fisher Paykal sp? set before this set and a Maytag Neptune set before that set. Both were horrible for different reason. If you want the reasons, I'd be glad to post them. This post is just getting too long without that info. LOL

Hope that helps.

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Re: Need new washing machine

Just remember with any front loader to leave the door open between loads and you won't end up with that musty smell.

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Re: Need new washing machine

I did this about two months ago. I had a Bosch front loader. Worst machine I have ever owned. No way to open door, very little water as it is supposed to be efficient, moldy door, etc. and the main board was going out at only 3 years old. I did homework also. I went with an old style machine. I got the Speedqueen top one. You can fill it as much as you like or as little, you can open the door if you need to in order to throw extras in, it has an agitator, its got a large stainless steel tub, its all knobs, no electrical. It has very few repair reports, was highly recommended by two stores and most of all it is made in the USA. I love this machine . This machine is worth every dollar and should last a long time. MY Opinion.


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Re: Need new washing machine

I purchased a Sears Elite 800 top load washer five years ago. It has washed some of the heaviest dirty laundry possible. It's noisy, but it's a workhorse. However, I've been told we're lucky if a new washing machine lasts 5-10 years nowadays.