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Re: Need input on countertop type please

I refreshed my kitchen on a budget when I moved 4 years ago. My kitchen is small with limited counter space.  An employee at the tile store where I purchased my back splash tile recommended a stone place near me- a place that's below the radar,so to speak .I went there with my back splash tile and found a "leather" finished marble piece large enough to work for me. There were other good choices, as well. 


I prefer natural stone. The slab was in budget and I could not be more pleased. The "leather " finish makes it a great texture and perfect for my light kitchen use.


In my kitchen the counter tops and backsplash tile really make the room. I only have back splash on one 6' run behind the stove as the tile was the splurge of the room and is a bold yet neutral pattern.


I had the cabinets, trim, ceiling and walls painted, upgraded the lighting, new counters and tile, new sink, faucet and vent fan. Kept the SS appliances and floor.


Enjoy your new home ad kitchen!

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Re: Need input on countertop type please

We ended up with granite because DH had his heart set on it. Personally, I prefer Formica. It's more "quiet" and dishes don't break on it.  I have had to learn to be more careful.


 Formica has come a long way as to how the finished product looks and even comes in a "wood" look now.