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Need help with cleaning floors

I just figured out why I hate housework. I vacuumed my kitchen floor with a dyson, went over it with a spray stick thingie with removeable pads and it still looks dirty. Meanwhile, you can't just throw the pad into the wash because I first have to stand over the wastebasket and pull off the rolls of dirty squiggles that are attached to the pad. That was just the kitchen. The bathroom has a floor of slippery tile, so cleaning that is like moving dirt and hair from one place to another. I feel I have wasted my time and accomplished nothing. I have knee replacements so can't get down on my hands and knees with a bucket and sponge. I am ready to pull out my gray hairs. Suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

Hire a cleaning person or crew.

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

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I have a Bissell floor steamer and love it.  I purchased it years ago at HSN and it's still going strong.  I use that on my tile floors and I have a Haan steamer that I purchased at QVC that I use for my wood floors.  I don't care for the Haan on the tile for some reason I don't think it does as good a job on the tile as the Bissell and with the wood floors the Haan is better than the Bissell because it isn't as wet.  If I had to pick one though I'ed pick the Bissell.   Hope this helps 

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

I love my steam cleaner for my tile floors and you would too. Doesn’t require getting on your hands and knees.

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

@geegerbee, I have a lot of tile in my home.  I use a Hoover steam vac on the tile.  It is twelve years old and going strong.  It has a separate clean water tank and dirty water tank.  I use the carpet function on small area rugs and that does a great job too.  Highly recommend.  LM

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

I have just a couple of suggestions based on my experiences. 


Vacuums don't really get hard floors clean. I have never seen them really get up loose dirt and debris in total. And I feel that before any liquid or dampness hits a hard floor, it has to be free of loose dirt and hair, or it just makes a mess. 


I use a Don Aslett microfiber mop for dry mopping first, and it gets up all the little stuff. I then use the same Don Aslett with a clean damp head to clean the floor with just water, no chemicals or soaps. 


I think most things leave a film or streaks on hard floors of all kinds, usually because people use too much of the product. 


This might not work for you, as I understand you are looking for easy and maybe one step cleaning. But consider that the dirt and hair has to come up first in the dry state, and that any or too much liquid product might just streak, smear, and build up, when trying to get a cleaing ritual that will work for you. 

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors



While in FL I have a lot of tile to clean and I can’t get down on hands and knees anymore.  So, I understand your situation.


The Dyson should pick up all the dust, hairs, and squiggles.  This is all I used until it died.  Now I use a Black and Decker simple portable vac. 


Don't know now what is in the spray may be causing part of the problem.


I then use the Haan floor steamer with plain water.


This year however there was a sticky substance on all the tile and the steamer merely loosened it. ( the loss of electric power for 10 days after Hurricane Irma may have caused this stickiness. )


After googling the sticky issue, I tried the last solution which was the cheapest and simplest.  Put a little Dawn dish detergent in warm water and sprinkled it on a small manageable area of tile.  Then I used a terry pad on a long handled pole to spread the solution.  Used a second one to pick up the “ dirty “ water.  If DH didn’t help, I would have used a 3rd terry pad on a pole to dry the area.


Stickiness was gone.  Floors looked great:  some tile is pure white and the rest is muted gray.





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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

I use a Haan steam mop.  Have 6 washable pads that I alternate with moping floors.  I have laminate.

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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

AFter using the vacuum or sweeping, I use a microfiber mop with a squeegie water bucket.   


Like my late mom told me all my life, you really can't wait until something gets dirty.

I try to mop everything, every day.   Not a deep clean, but a light mopping, takes 15 minutes.    


This is what I use.    I throw it in the washer about 2-3 times a month.  I'm old, not in good health.    



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Re: Need help with cleaning floors

I have a Wagner cannister steam cleaner and I use it with a small brush attachment to get the areas around the perimeter and with the floor attacment for the rest.  I never did scrub floors on my hands and knees  anyway!