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Here is what I would consider, as I don't really like open concept homes either. 


Open concept looks good if you have the entire area done and decorated in the same colors/styles. All flooring and walls have to match, as well as window coverings etc. for it to look right to me. So consider that. If you try to make the various spaces look different, will that bother you, will it look too busy, too mis matched. 


Open concept only looks good to me if you can keep the space totally clean, picked up and organized every day, all day. I hate for people to walk into my front door, and be able to see the messy kitchen where I'm in the middle of baking or cooking. I normally prefer separate rooms for just that reason.


I would never want to try to raise kids in an open concept. There is less privacy (yes, I know that bedrooms are separate, but often easily seen and heard from the main living areas in a lot of open concept homes), and it's harder for family members to find some separate spaces, like has been necessary for so many during the pandemic with working from home and schooling at home. 


If I lived alone, or just the two of us in later years, I could easier tolerate something open concept, especially if the home is small, it makes it seem bigger than dividing off individual rooms, but it isn't something I've wanted in my life for the past seasons.