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Need New Refrigerator

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My 24-yr old Whirlpool freezer section in my refrigerator is not freezing ice cream. I have ice cubes in a tray and they're frozen. Refrigerator seems to be working,

I'll need a little bigger refrigerator when I go to Lowes tomorrow. How do I figure the right size - do I measure height & width? 

I don't like when there's the water feature on the outside.

I want a basic refrigerator - nothing fancy.

Which brands do u recommend?

Size of refrigerator; color; upgrades

Do u buy the warranty?

Sandy in Oxnard, CA

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I measured the width of the smallest doorway it had to fit through. That's the swinging for to my kitchen, can't be removed and rehung.


Even with the refrigerator doors removed, that reduced my choices down to only three. From those three choices the one I wanted was an easy pick.

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dont get LG if it's like their washers, parts come from Korea



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Do you have the original book that came with your fridge?  The measurements might be in there or measure, height, depth and width of your current fridge.  If it is built in you are pretty much stuck with that size.  We have a countertop depth refrigerator - smaller and more expensie but looks better in our small kitchen.  


We like the water and ice in the door but it is an added expense.


Good luck, I really dislike spending money on appliance but it is a necessary item.

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A vacation home we bought has the water and ice dispenser in the side by side fridge.  DH took out the contraption inside which took up a lot of usable space.  I think he also disconnected the water line so we make cubes the old fashioned way in a tray!


So if you find a deal don’t let the water thingy stop you.


Always take the warranty on expensive use is all it takes to make it worthwhile.


Good luck shopping....also google the brands they carry to see what the majority of complaints are .

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I like a whirlpool. also measure the side of your fridge from the wall. My fridge sticks out a little more than the last one but doesn't bother me. I have heard bad ratings about LG but don't own one. 

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I buy all of my refrigerators from Lowe’s; only white G.E. or Whirlpool, NO ice maker, and ALWAYS buy the extended warranty.   


My local Lowe’s store no longer stocks many appliances, so be prepared to special order what you want.    

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I find it helpful to do some Internet shopping for information and reviews as well as looking in store.  Usually included in product descriptions is a diagram of the size of the prospective fridge.


Mine sits near a corner, perpendicular to where the oven door has to open, so I was careful to make sure there was clearance.  I was also careful when I bought my current model, that it wasn't too deep as to interfere with traffic patterns - it sits right in the juncture of several pathways.


Make sure the door swings the right way, if there's just one door (or that it can be reversed).


I have a basic GE.  No ice maker, no in-door stuff.  Small by most standards but serves us well (around 15 cu ft).  The handles are recessed in the side of the door so nothing sticks out from the front, which I like.  I am no trendsetter.  My fridge is "bisque".  I had to get the entire appliance suite done before they disappeared from inventory.


Enjoy the new fridge!  Always an easy install, especially with no ice maker.  We're plumbed for it, I just don't need one and it takes up room.

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I've been reading lots of reviews on refrigerators on Lowes and Costco's sites. Lots of BAD reviews for Whirlpool, GE and LG. I just measured my refrigerator and will get another about the same size - around 20 cu ft. It's 33" wide, 61" down and 30" depth. Thanks



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@kivah , I just replaced my fridge.  My old one was Kenmore Elite, 13 years old and still going.  I replaced it because the delivery time for a new fridge was 5 weeks.  Can’t live without a fridge for 5 weeks.


i did a lot of research.  I bought a 22 cu ft fridge, Whirlpool, with an ice maker which I didn’t hook up.  The only thing I would have done differently was buy one with two doors as the door on this fridge tends to swing open all the way unless you have a hand on it.


i bought the 5 year warranty on the advice of my appliance repairman.  Good luck with your choice.  It’s not a great experience appliance shopping these days!  LM


PS, I bought mine at Home Depot.  They did a competitors search and took an extra 10% off which almost paid for the extended warranty.