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I like it and my poison would be Tequila.

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Blue is my favorite color but I'm not feeling this shade.  Maybe if they hadn't painted the wood trim the same color I might have liked it.

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I like blue, but that is too dark for me.  I would like to see the cupboards a natural wood and a pale green on the walls.

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Yikes, all that blue and it is reflected off the ceiling fixture....NO, NO, NO!

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I like the room, color and all but have no use for such a room in my house.  My poison is Bourbon on the rocks and I say cheers to all!

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This room is very pretty.  I would change the chair cushions to white to brighten it up & get rid of much of the clutter in the shelving unit.  The white ceiling really helps break up the darkness.  Love the shade of blue walls.

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That blue is depressing.  Maybe a turquoise?


I'd love a bar for gatherings, often thought about having one built outdoor---not enough space inside.


I'll take a glass of red wine--room temperature, please!

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I love that blue! I"ll have a daiquiri please.

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Only the floor looks interesting to me.  I'll have a Lemon Drop.

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I'd like it more if the cabinets and trim was white. It's too blue for me.