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I like it.

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@software  It is a pretty kitchen but looks like it might not be used very often.  I don't see a stove, so they must live on takeout and reservations.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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@faeriemoon wrote:

@software   Maybe it's a stoveless kitchen that never gets dirty because you can't cook in it.   Woman LOL


That's what makes it a "dream" kitchen.  Woman LOL

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Thinking ‘180’,


It almost looks like a ‘throw away’ kitchen in a multi-million $$$$

resident compound. This kitchen could be right off the multi-car storage, 

where the staff stores and cooks the meals.  Stove could be on the

opposing wall, not pictured. This ‘kitchen’ could also be an area for

the catering staff to prep/store their food/items for parties/events.


When you’re dealing with the Richie-Rich-rich, this could just

be a dumpy, ‘whatever’, after-thought kitchen.

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Too much white. Not a fan of the black counter.
I think the stove is on the left, out of the frame.
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Well, I’d happily take it!

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I love it.


Looks to be cream colored cabinets, if you compare to the ceiling white.


We just did a kitchen in cream colored cabinets and matched the wall color exactly.  


The kitchen is tiny and only gets morning sun, yet it has the illusion of being bright all day.

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Just lovely. 

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@Foxxee wrote:



Locate the tea kettle next to the coffeemaker, left side of the photo.  I see knobs in the back of it.  Could that be the stove?  To the right looks like it might be the refrigerator.  I have seen stoves and refrigerators with cabinet fronts.  There's probably a dishwasher somewhere, too. 

@Foxxee- I don't think those are knobs.  I think that's some decorative tiles that run just above the counter surface.  Look at the other walls; the same thing.