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My Dream Kitchen

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Still looking for the stove


traditional kitchen.jpg



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That is beautiful.

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Re: My Dream Kitchen

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That is visible stove/oven/vent.

Wonder if it’s in the nook to the right of the refrigerator?

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Looks lovely to me.

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That is very pretty...looks serene and peaceful!

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Locate the tea kettle next to the coffeemaker, left side of the photo.  I see knobs in the back of it.  Could that be the stove?  To the right looks like it might be the refrigerator.  I have seen stoves and refrigerators with cabinet fronts.  There's probably a dishwasher somewhere, too. 

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@software   Maybe it's a stoveless kitchen that never gets dirty because you can't cook in it.   Woman LOL

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Re: My Dream Kitchen

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No.  I don't like it that much.  The chairs at the counter are with their back to where the cook would be, should have been on the other side.


To me, it looks sort of "cheap" (taking eveything into consideation) and lacking in any detail in the woodwork or the tiles that would have made it stand out and have character.  That's it.  It lacks character.


I have no problem with the all white, but I would have put the marble on the island on all the counter tops, and put some black or dark details elsewhere in the materials. Black iron hardware and light fixture; black in the valance; and black and white or more black marble in the backsplash and turn that island around.  

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Nice looking and ligt and bright, but I'd probably opt out of all that white and if I never see another black stone countertop in this lifetime it'll be just fine with me...

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