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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

I like the warmth of this space. I love the wooden beams & countertops but not the trusses. The brick and floor are fine for me. The chairs might not be the most comfortable. Hoping there's more upper cabinets we can't see. I'd add a bit of color in a few accessories. Overall, a pleasing space. 

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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

I LOVE this look, but feel the beams are obtrusive. My attention was instantly drawn to them, but not favorably. The island is my favorite element in the room.😊



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Re: Mixing Old With New Look


I don't care for the wood beams in this kitchen, just doesn't fit good IMO.  Maybe I'd like it more if the beams were higher up.  I do like all the other features though.  Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

I do like this kitchen but am not thrilled with the sink's location I like the ceiling and brick back round.  It is a little stark in general for my taste but still appealing.

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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

I'm not feeling the floors and the range would have to go.
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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

@Oznell wrote:

Love beams and brick in a kitchen!  Warm and inviting.   Were I the owners, I would not have chosen that floor-- seems a bit out of line with other elements.  In addition, (unless my monitor is giving me 'non-true' colors, which is very possible), the undertones in the floor seem to be fighting a bit with other colors.



I agee I like it except for the flooring....

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Re: Mixing Old With New Look

I love reading the observations on here - so many people can spot things that I totally overlook!  For example - the lack of counter space by the stove - I didn' even think about it.  My big concern (if someone gave me this lovely kitchrn) would be the brick surrounding the stovetop.  My DH loves to make and can tomato suaces of all kinds that can result in tomato splatter - which is OK if you have a countertop you can clean but brick would be another story.  I would probably have to pain the brick red to match the stains!