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I like the wood feature.  Don't care for that style of tub and I would never, ever have a glass shower.  To me, that would be like standing in front of a window taking a shower. 

I want my privacy.

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i like nothing about this at all. really hate the black fixtures.

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I like this ..I like touches as black for contrast. It looks a little different and interesting to me.

The shade comes down for privacy.

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Love it. Next in line for a soak in that tub. LOL!!! I could sure use it the way I feel right now.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the tub area was an extension

of the add-on.  The window placement is..odd.

Wouldn’t it be better to have it lower so when you’re in the tub,

you can look out?  I want to like it...the colors are calming,

but chandelier, little stool, (most likely) fake plant & can of shaving gel

in the shower makes it look really...janky.  

That little stool?



It’s a.l.m.o.s.t good...really good, but they stopped short.

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That bathroom is confusing. 


Does the wood tie in with someone else?  I'm not crazy about it. 

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Replace the ugly wood with black marble.

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Like all of it, just not together.  The "feel" is off, between the black/white and the wood.

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Re: Mixed Materials Bath

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This would work for me for sure. I'd line the window shelf with more plants though and I'd change out that tiny table for a larger one.


Overall, I love it!  I like the black accessories, I'd even keep the chandy!