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Re: Mint Green Appliances

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Those retro look appliances have some appeal but are costly. They're cute, but, for me, not worth the price. I don't think they work all that well in this setting, such as it is... I do like the large storage piece off to the right, but that's about it, even though I think the space itself might have had good potential... Oh, and the floors are nice...

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It's so refreshing to see a kitchen that isn't one of the current and boring "formula" kitchens. I really like this one.

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Love the ceiling, walls and flooring. Would not want to live with retro anything else or chippy paint or the design of this room. Needs a lot of improvements and changes IMO.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Here are available appliance colors.  I'll have one in aqua please.




Me too, or the pale yellow.  Love. 

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Nicely done.

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I especially love the floors but the green appliances go with the theme of the room.  Gosh, that was popular in the early 50's, if I remember correctly.

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Re: Mint Green Appliances

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I love that stove!

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I love everything about this room --- everything!  The old-tme looking appliances and the fresh mint color, lovel all the wood, combined with the white and the openness of it --- plenty of room to cook and have everyone in --- or not!!! 

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I think those  retro shiny colored appliances are pretty cool looking,

always liked the turquoise myself.


Went in this store up in Bozeman a couple times that carried the full gamut of available colors and styles.for fridges and stoves. So of course that got me thinking I wanted something like that.


l thought long and hard on this, and decided to go with tried and true stainless instead. A better choice for me and my kitchen.


Anyhow - that mint really pops against all that white and stain color nicely.

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I do like it just not for my kitchen.