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Interesting kitchen.  I like it!  Sort of reminds me of rooms I have seen in converted barns or an old warehouse.


Yes, everything works together very well, except I'd rather see the old appliances and exhaust fan in cinnamon red. This color of green is too loud for me.  IMO, it commands too much attention from the rest of the room.  Would replace the white facing on the sink cabinet.  Also, I'd use a more colorful rug and some sort of blind on the window.

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i like the mint green appliances, but i would rather see them in a room with more white and less dark wood. 

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I like it, but it needs some colour in a print to tie it together, it seems a little stark and disjointed.

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Love them. 

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I almost bought a "Big Chill" fridge in that color.  I decided against it:  expensive for the size, too big outwardly, because they basically encase a basic consumer model with their materials in order to give it the retro look, and because, ultimately I decided I didn't want to showcase an appliance that much.


I do like the color (they do custom as well).  The coolest Big Chill is a two-tone.  That would be perfect for a hang-out garage or basement.


I would buy a house with a kitchen like that.  I just wouldn't do it myself.

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I love everything about this kitchen. 

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I'm not into retro at all, but this kitchen looks nice.

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I love the colored appliances but boy are they expensive.  There is a company somewhere in the Midwest that specializes in making them but you must pay an exorbitant amount for the appliance plus huge shipping cost.

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Like everything BUT the old retro appliances....ruins the kitchen!  NO to the mint!

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I like the retro appliances and the breakfront.  The rest of the room is too stark and without warmth.  I also do not see the stools as being comfortable and would prefer a dining table and chairs.  As you can see, mixed feelings for this kitchen!!!!!