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Hope your day went well yesterday!  I love the flooring and the lighting. Love how they matched the range hood. It’s a very nicely done kitchen. I would only change the counter stools. Oh, and that china closet gorgeous. 

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Cute.  I remember those handles on refrigerators.  

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Thank you......but I'm holding out for RED

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I love everything about the room especially the colors. Very easy and pleasing to the eyes. 



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Love the entire room

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I like the retro style, not a fan of the island with the old style base - maybe it should be all white to break up all the dark wood.  The ceiling is really nice along with the light fixture & whie subway tile.  If possible, I'd love to see a beautiful set of french doors at the opposite end of the wood hutch to let in more natural light. I use to love the dark wood but not as much now.  The room, as a whole, looks good & cozy.  


I'm picturing this in a farm-like setting with beautiful views .. maybe wishful thinking?

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While color is not my favorite, I am concerned with functionality:  it will be hard to cook with that stove right next to the wall.


Imagine how many times someone will bump their elbow against that wall.  Too, inconvenient to remove pot lids and have to find space way to the left to put them down.


Bad design.

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@Jlkz  You make a good point. I see the stove has a vent on top but what about any other steam or splatter too close to the side wall?  This is obviously an expensive custom kitchen - I would have not wanted the stove in that spot.

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It's an interesting kitchen with some nice elements and at first I like the cheery color, but then it reminds me of a mint milk of magnesia!Woman Tongue

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