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No. I dislike the color of the appliances. The whole room is too farmhouse rustic for me. 

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I like it.
To me, it’s missing another color. Blue, maybe. Or a print? A live plant? Underdecorated for me.
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@lolakimono  While mint green is not a favorite of mine, I do like the appliances in a different color, I like the wood cabinet and flooring, and I like how open and airy the kitchen looks.

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I hate the color green 🤢🤮

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I like everything in this kitchen except that distressed wood on the bar.   I do not like that old wood look, period.   

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Here are available appliance colors.  I'll have one in aqua please.




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 It’s perfect! I love the bar backsplash, too. 

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I had an avocado green fridge when we bought our first home in 1990. I told my husband when the refrigerator dies we’ll redo the kitchen. Darn thing never died it was the best: they don’t make them like that anymore. We had no child when we moved into our home and our son was around 7 when we remodeled and gave that fridge to someone who needed it. 

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If you are into that style, it is perfect. For me its a no.

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Back in the early 70's, I went to a classmates house and all of their kitchen appliances were mint green as was their washer and dryer in th elaundry room.


I thought it was pretty cool and was Impressed.  At our house we had white.  I have never seen that color of appliances since.


Thanks for the memories.