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Re: Martha Stewart Flameless Candles!

@gigy wrote:

Many years ago when Luminara first came out, I bought a set from Khols and it was very affordable. Then a little while later, QVC had a TSV of a big set in Luminara and I bought two sets as gifts. I believe there was 8 candles to the set and it was around $99. Looking back, I wish I had bought myself a set. I agree with the other two posts that Martha Stewarts candles are pricey, but I ordered a set of 4" and a set of 6" in the Hexigan style in the Grey color. I really love the Luminara flameless candles and rarely buy real candles these days.

@gigy  I ordered the seaglass Hexigan style in 6"  it is a unique color that I can't find anywhere else.  

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Re: Martha Stewart Flameless Candles!

While I do think they are overpriced, I do think they are beautiful and unique. I love that Martha is collaborating with Luminara to bring us neat designs. I am not big into Halloween, but the skull candle from last fall is so cool! And the gold turkey is beautiful! I ordered a few sets of the egg candles last month and they are so pretty. And they don’t scream “Easter egg” so they can be used all spring/summer, not just at Easter.

I like her square and hex candles. Am so hoping she’ll bring back the beehive ones. I sadly missed out and really regret it. Wish there was a way I could ask her!
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Re: Martha Stewart Flameless Candles!

I love her designs, but I wish she would use the 3d flame.  JMO I think the 3d flame looks better when the candle is not on.