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I could enjoy sitting there enjoying a shrimp salad and a slow gin fizz or another cool refreshing cocktail and sitting around chatting with the girlfriends.

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@stevieb wrote:

@Puppy Lips wrote:

That looks lovely.  Though technically, that is a deck, not a lanai.


Lanais are covered overhead.  We have one and we call it our cave, because that is what it seems like to us!


@Puppy Lips  I think I did actually know that but I guess I've been watching too many Golden Girls reruns... 


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@stevieb I watch that show on occassion too, late at night.  That was a good show.  But sometimes is makes me sad too - the whole aging thing and losing your spouse kind of gets to me.  The actresses were terrific.

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I do not think that is a lanai

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@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

I do not think that is a lanai

No, It's not. It's either a patio, deck or terrace. I can't tell which from the photograph, but right now I'm leaning toward it being a deck...

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Feeling the breezes.....  a dream-like spot.  Handsome, classic outdoor furniture, and blues and greens to punctuate the setting.    I like that they did that simple, non-obstructing, white post railing--  you feel like there's almost nothing between you and the limitless sea.

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@Patriot3  @shoptilyadropagain  Well, tell you what, while others are enjoying the seafood, I'll make sure the chef prepares an alternative choice for those who don't care for it or can't eat seafood... And, or course, there'll be a dessert tray...


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Breathtaking view! 
Thanks for providing something on the menu that isn't  chilled seafood. 

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I've known the word because it pops up now and again on crossword puzzles.


Then I actually heard it said on "The Golden Girls," so that was cool (although I don't believe that a patio is a lanai).

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@stevieb  Beautiful, but I'll have to spend the night.

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aahhhhh- my happy place----- Woman Very Happy

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Perfect setting!!!

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