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I have several of the Luminara candlesticks for my windows. After seeming fine (just past the 30 days of course) they started to act up: the 'flame' would not flicker or move. It was if it was stuck.

I tried new batteries, thumping the flame gently, moving to a different site, checking with a leveler to be sure the surface was indeed level. Nothing seemed to work. I was resigned to tossing or just living with them not flickering.

I did notice when I tilted them or picked them up, the flame again flickered wildly as it was supposed to. Gave me the idea to shim the bottoms, so I put a dime under the front middle of the base and darn if that didn't work. They all started flickering like mad.

Again, the surfaces the candles were on registered as level. I can't explain why the shims made them work, but if it helps just one person not toss these fabulous candles, I will be happy indeed.

I've had no problems with the pillars except for one of the new ones having a defect that it wouldn't work with the remote, so it's being exchanged. No problem with the flickering on the pillars. I dearly love these candles (even if I might have to buy stock in Duracells!) and I particularly like the new remote ones esp this time of the year when it's lighter longer and a 5 hour timer is too long to run them.

Very happy I didn't toss my candlesticks as I almost did!

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Sadly, all the faulty ones I experienced are now in the trash.


The flameless Candle Impressions I bought years back are still working fine.


I refuse to buy any more even though I love the look.  It's just too much money for a product that often has problems.


Glad you found a solution for yours!



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I have a set of the pine cone luminara...junk....they flicker on and off, one mostly off.  I will try shimming then as the OP suggested.  I am pretty much done buying this brand.

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OK this is prob just me---but I saw the night lights by this brand--that are WAY overpriced for 2 of them , imo---that have the flickering flame on them and look like a live fire---well I am wondering if that isn't a hazard IF.....  you didn't know they were a fake flame!!!  I can see someone getting up at night and not knowing they were fake and freaking out that the outlet was on fire. Am I off base here? --don't buy this stuff anyway. Just an observation.

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I just got my luminara candles and when I set the remote two of three candles stopped flickering. I turned them off then back on without the remote setting and they all work correctly with flickering. I can live without the remote.
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I recently experienced a problem with one of my luminara’s. By the time I emailed the company 3 more of my candles stopped working 3 with flame issues 1 a timer issue. I only started purchasing them last Fall but I fell in love with them and bought many as gifts as well as for my own home. Needless to say when I lost four candles in less than a week I was beyond disappointed and angry. The essential response from the company did not help. I explained to them that I did expect my purchase to last more than 3 months since their candles are rather expensive and I spent a small fortune. Who keeps a receipt for 3 months and who includes a receipt with gifts?They told me to change out the battery doors and use new batteries. Now mind you I had just installed all new batteries before this occurred. Well I successfully got 3 of the 4 working. I feel better that they’re working now but I’m not sure how to feel about this company anymore. I have many very old candle impressions candles that are still working.
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I too love these candles but I feel they are expensive, eat through batteries and misfunction a lot! I only buy them at Marshall’s or when they are As Is on the Q. Last year I bought the outside lanterns with stakes. Within a month they had rusted and now one candle no longer works and another no longer flickers. I DID get replacements through them but only after I complained numerous times on their social media. 

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Re: flicker gives me migraines

As above. How do I stop the flicker? As they are, I can only place them where I don't go. Also, there is no way this is 'realistic' flicker unless you live with hurricanes. Thx for any help.

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Having taken my candle apart and broken it, I realized the wick did not flicker because the magnet was not close enough.  a simlple bend of the wick made it flicker as expected.  in my case, i had left the light cover off while testing and upon reconstructing, i broke the wick clip.  awesome.  for any DIYers, you don't need to disassemble the candle.  The wick container can be easily removed and the wick examined by prying it from the top.  but the parts are delicate and likely to break if you are not careful.

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Own 3 Luminara lanterns from TSV about 6 years ago, the Heritage lanterns which are still available today. 2 of them have failed due to the cheap battery compartment covers breaking. The covers are designed to open/close with a tiny thin plastic clip which weakens over time with each change of batteries. Eventually the clip fails. I called Luminara, but they told me a different manufacturer now makes their candles, and the battery covers will no longer fit my Heritage lantern candles. The candles are fixed and not removable from the lanterns, so now I own 3 very pretty but unusable lanterns.