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I bought six candles when they were a Today's Special Value for about $90, I think. Loved them the first month and a half. Then problems started happening. Two of them don't work anymore. Have changed the batteries, and I know it's not the remotes because of the remotes work with four of them just not the two dead ones. You can turn those two on but 10 or 15 minutes later, they will be off for no reason. So disappointed. Not ordering again. This is a quality control issue. Those two barely lasted past the 90-day warranty.
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@LindaSal wrote:

I love my Luminara candles but I have to say I am one of those who was disappointed a couple of times.  I had some (just a couple) that totally stopped working after only a couple of months, too late to send them back.  I actually have Candle Impressions candles also and have never had a problem with any of them.  The ones I own are at least 15 years old if not more.    Of course they are the older designs but I think the quality was evidently better.

@LindaSal  So totally agree with you. I too have some candles that are 15 years old and still working. These newer ones arer ******, they don't work for long.