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Re: Love to have this stove

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@BoopOMatic    lol  I'd most likely use the 3 bottom drawers for storage but, oh, the luxury of all those ovens!

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When my Dad built our house (I was a child), he installed something similar for my Mum -

She had the oven and broiler built into the wall at eye / chest level, so that she never had to bend down.

And a regular stovetop.

Now that I think about it, that was fantastic for a working Mum with four kids!

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I have a wall oven. The stovetop is next to it in the counter. So much easier for us.

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My MIL's stove was a smaller version of this one without the vertical left side oven. It had two ovens beneath the cooktop. When she remodeled her kitchen, she designed the remodel to accommodate that stove.

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I watched "Murphy's Romance" (1985/Sally Field/James Garner) last night. Sally's character had a similar stove on her ranch that definitely caught my eye. One of my favorite adult RomComs.

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Oh, it's a beauty, @BoopOMatic !

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That's a real beauty.  Not sure how often I'd use it, but I sure would like looking at it!!

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The ov3ns look small, like they wouldn't hold a large turkey.

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@BoopOMatic   That would be nice!  Six many ovens are there?  Looks like the bottom three drawers are for storage.