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I look at things like this and wonder why I never thought of that before!!! Thanks.

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Lol, I know exactly what you mean, I'm in awe too at a neat tidy linen closet! I'm working on this eventually, tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, on one shelf, sheets and pillowcases on another, bath towels, and then the stray stuff gets stuffed up in there too. 😫

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I know, 👍🏼it just cracks me up the simplicity of these ideas and they always make so much sense! 

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I have heard of this before, but never thought it really would work the way this picture shows. 


Back in the day of thin mattresses, and smaller sheets, one could fold sheets up very neat and compact, but today's super thick mattresses (and I have a whopper of a thick one) and the huge fitted sheets required to fit them, don't  seem to lend themselves to folding flat enough to make this neat and level stack. 


I may give it a try, as I'd love it to work, but I really don't think my sheets would level out enough to make this kind of stacking any better looking than what I'm already doing.

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I downsized almost 3 years ago - moved to a smaller place.  At that time, I started storing my sheets like the photos here.  Such a space saver and it looks much better in the linen closet.

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 Since I have queen and king size beds, I store all the sheets for each room under each of the beds (each bed has 3 bins)

One bin for the fitted bottom sheet, 1 bin for the topsheet and 1 bin for pillowcases. I rolled them up in the bins and load from the back and pull from the front to rotate the wear and so I can see each one. I’ve got better uses for my linen closet!

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I've done this for a while.  It works especially well for the Berkshire sheets which take a lot of room.  Fortunately, I have three linen closets.

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As other posters have said, I too have been doing this for years.

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@LoveMyBaby, thank you!  I am about to start closets so this is very timely!  LM

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I, too, have done this for several years, but somehow ... mine do not look half so neat as those pictured. 


I like the hanger tip, too, @LoveMyBaby! 👍