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Re: Leaves the stove on!

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@KatieB You don't know that it's not the stove. On a news channel here in AZ a "New 4 month old refrigerator blew up"  and they couldn't find the reason why. Like I stated, a friend told me that an electric stove caught on fire that wasn't on...



In your original post, I must have missed the part where you stated that he turned the stove off, but it was still on (or came  back on) and on high too?  

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OP here.  Sorry if I wasn't clear.  He cooks his eggs or grilled cheese and puts the hot pan on empty burner the turns THAT one on HI and walks away.



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I think a lot of assumptions are being made about the husband's mental state; in the original post and later posts from the OP, nothing is mentioned about it, so it's very possible that he's just inattentive when cooking and becomes defensive when his mistake is discovered and pointed out to him (especially if he has a short fuse). I know plenty of men at virtually every age and state of mind that have those issues!  Smiley Wink

A functional adult knows how to cook food and then turn off a burner.