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Lots of things I like about this, some not so much.  Some interesting pieces.  Not really my taste, but well put together nonetheless.  I'm enjoying much of the artwork.  

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None of it appeals to my sense of interior decorating.  Most of it is too busy and the colors are all wrong from my perspective. 


I do like the cat on the blue sofa.

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That is one tiny kitchen for such a BIG condo.


Didn't see a dining room so I guess only two people eat at the island. 

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Too color rich for my comfort.  Also don't care for the styling.

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Cheeky fun modern/classic with the touch of avant-garde!


Not my style to live in, but so fun to see.


The owner is a real collector. and took much joy in decorating.

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I love the kitchen. It’s sleek, and modern.  I have white but would go with the black cabinets next time. The rest is elegant, but not quite my style.


Is that a small Louis Vuitton in photo 1. @stevieb  Love it!  

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Nope, don't like anything about this condo.  Too cluttered and busy.

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It seems there are too many seating areas and no real dining table. No way those hard plastic island stools are comfortable.  "Darling, today should we sit facing west or north?"

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@stevieb  I really like the first two pictures!   The ones that follow are a bit much for me (understatement).  In picture 2 I would change out that coffee table for something else.  Also in pic. 2 since I don't like statues of people,  I'd move or remove (tag sale or maybe it's valuable! then auction) that little statue on the table. In picture 1 I'd replace the blue patterned ceramic vase, I think the room might look better without it there. 

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I love the two cats in on the kitchen counter but don't like the hanging light fixtures.  The checkerboard sofa with the animal print pillows is way over the top for me -- do not like it.  The bedroom has got to go.

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