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Kitchen with Huge Sink

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What do you think? 

At first I thought it was just a huge sink, but then I realized the size of the sink itself looks normal, but it extends over the counters on each side.


I don't like it. It just looks so big that it overwhelms the counter IMO.  What's the purpose? Would you wash, chop, or prepare food on the sides of it? I think I'd prefer traditional counter space. 

I like the floor, cabinets, and chairs. Not sure about the stove placement on the other side of the countertop seating area.  


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Looks like a very nice old fashioned country kitchen!

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Re: Kitchen with Huge Sink

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It's an old fashioned sink. It includes on one side, ribs which is where you place your dishes after they are washed and the water runs down between the ribs into the sink. I had one many many years ago in an apartment I rented which hadn't been updated in years.

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My grandmother had a sink like that, just a little smaller.

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My country kitchen sink only has the drainboard extending to the left. I wish I could accomodate a double drainboard like the one in OPs photo.


Years ago I thought about having that pulled out. SO glad I didn't!


images (2).jpeg Mine's like this.

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It's a nice, homey kitchen but I would rather have the counter top space myself! 

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I don't care for it.  It wouldn't serve as prep space for me.  I don't want to use knives on porcelain so what's the point?  Wasted space. 

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I have seen a sink similar to that before growing up in our kitchen but it was smaller.  The one shown is too long.

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There is a show on HGTV called Farmhouse fixer. I am not a fan of the personality/host/ representative who is redoing the homes. I find him nice but boring, but he does beautiful work.


Well he did an old Farmhouse and the home owner wanted to keep her sink that was perhaps half the size of this one. It was actually quite beautiful..


I would not want it in my home because I would prefer the counter space.

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My grandmother had this exact sink. I really like it. It reminds me of her and family which makes me like it even more. I can see myself as a kid standing at the sink (scratches and all) washing her pink floral dishes... talking and laughing. Good memories for me.

Pretty, simple, and appealing to me.