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I love everything about that kitchen...I'd jump at the chance to have a sink like that in mine & you can do prep on it. Thanks for sharing @wilma ❤

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I can't get beyond the huge sink area & island/stove counter, so I guess it's a NOPE.

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I like it!  Old fashioned in a modern kitchen. 

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Re: Kitchen with Huge Sink

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I grew up with a sink like that.  You put the dirty dishes to the left, wash them in the sink, then drain them to dry on the right.


I am a big cook and some of my pots are big enough to use for children's bathtubs.  A sink that that works really well for large pots and pans and they are great if you can foods.


i would love a sink like that in my kitchen.  I do have a larger than usual sink, but it's not as nice as those old fashioned ones.  They are super expensive  to buy one today.



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I'm not a fan of anything in this kitchen and especially the divided bar counter area.

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The sink size is not for me, I agree about that look.  Also I do not care for the stove location and combination eating area.  I prefer a dining table and chairs and the stove along the wall.  The rest of the kitchen has its appeal.

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I like it because of the memories.. my grandmother had one like it. I remember eating in her kitchen then washing dishes while looking out the window.


I like it a lot, it'd look better in a bigger space probably.

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I realize retro sinks are gaining momentum and there is something I like about them but no, I don't care for this sink in this context, though I do, overall, like the kitchen, despite the dark counters and the lights.

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I like the sink, I detest the island/counter for it's wasted work space.  I don't run a bar/restaurant at home so I'm not going to pretend like I do with this kind of design; I don't mind chairs or stools pulled up to a working island and that's where space here could have been put to practical use.

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At first glance, I thought it was a bathtub.  I wouldn't like that for myself but I can see how it would be functional.