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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

@mominohio I didn't say much about our kitchen update on these boards because I was on a budget and only wanted to freshen up things a bit. First, Corian has many pretty colors and designs. Use it! Our cabinets were oak so all we did was change the hardware and I thoroughly cleaned them. What an improvement. We put in a good backsplash. Love it. I went with a porcelain sink, but I think a stainless sink and nice faucet is perfect for you. Can you include new appliances? They make a big difference when remodeling. Get new light fixtures. Inexpensive but they'll make a huge difference. Finally, 1970's flooring needs to be replaced. I went with wood-look but a mid grade laminate might be just what you need.

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

We remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago....we're in a town home and the kitchen is small. We had a budget as well, and it definitely was not high-end. We went with Corian type counter tops instead of granite (which was the rage at the time) to save some $$. I haven't regretted it at all, although it may affect resale value. We went with medium grade cabinets in white - they're not a flat front and I've been very happy with them. They've held up very well.


Of all the things I wish I would've spent more on, it would be lighting. We have a goofy almost flat to the ceiling fluorescent light above our work island with a fixture cover, and I wish we would have had that corrected and changed. We also should have had the ceiling above the sink wired for more lighting.


The bottom line is that you can get a nice updated kitchen without buying the most expensive, but there are certain items where it makes sense to spend a bit more if you can (light my lighting issue). Good luck to you if you decide to move forward. The only other thing I'd say is make sure the contractor you hire gives you a fairly firm finish date. It's awful being without a kitchen for even a week!

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

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Lucky you getting to redo your kitchen. 


You've had some great advice already.  I know you said you didn't want quartz, etc. due to maintenance and upkeep, but I can tell you from experience that quartz does NOT need any upkeep or sealing or periodic anything at all and you can put hot pots on it without any worries.  

It comes in the plainest of plain to very intricate patterns.  This is just fyi since you already said you preferred Corian, etc.

On the other hand, getting an estimate won't cost anything.  


a few of the quartz patterns available:

Image result for quartz countertops colors

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

If you're on a budget, I don't see how Corian is a bargain.  This is an expensive product and can be priced the same as granite.


My friend just redid her kitchen and when I went to see her update, I was shocked and surprised that she went with  Carrera marble.  It was beautiful.


After I oooed and awed over the sheer beauty of it, she said it was laminate.  What?!??


The new laminate is not your mother's.    I have granite, but would have considered laminate, the new stuff,   had it been available when I got new counters. Her counter even had a fancy edge like granite.


i wouldn't rule out one of the new laminate stone patterns.



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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

Under cabinet lighting. Enjoy redoing your kitchen, stay calm and just know when it’s done it will be worth it. 

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

@mominohio wrote:

It's a bit of a long shot at this point, but we had a local company come to look about a kitchen renovation. Company has been in business since at least 1970, family owned and local. We haven't really settled on anything yet, or even gotten a quote, just had the guy out to measure yesterday.  It may not happen at all, as just after scheduling his visit, the foundation in the family room started leaking, and carpet is now torn back in one corner, with work needed there, and there is the ever aging roof on our minds as well. But, if we should get some kind of a quote we could consider, I have some questions for you all. 




First, I want to make clear, we aren't going high dollar on this. No marble, quartz or granite. It's not in the budget, I feel over time it will be a trendy looking thing I would grow tired of, and I'm just not a fan of the work to maintain it, or the look of a lot of it. I'll never get the money back when selling in our mostly Amish market. But I am considering Corian or one of the generic versions. I like the seamless (nearly?), I like the way it can be molded and shaped on the edges. Anyone have it, or any other cheaper countertop options and care to share the good and the bad of each? I cook every day, and I can, but I am capable of being careful within reason, with hot pots, cutting etc. as I'm the only one doing food prep. 




We are looking at and most likely going with Wolf cabinets, their classic line, which is their lower end, but not considered low end, if you know what I mean. Again, not going custom made, not going all solid hardwood, can't afford it, and the market we live in won't appreciate it in resale. I'm out to take a battered and tattered ugly kitchen and make it prettier, a little more functional and nice for me, for the rest of the time I live here. Again, anyone with any experience in the Wolf cabinets or input would be welcome. Online reviews are like everything else, all over the place, some loving, some hating. I have learned these are not particle board, as I wouldn't have that, but have plywood parts.




I've had stainless steel double sinks my whole life. I'm not a fan of the look, but with the heavy use I give sinks, I have not seen any other option that will hold up to the stuff we put them through. Lots of food processing for canning, big heavy equipment, high iron content in the water that stains etc. If anyone knows of something that will look more perfect under much stress, let me know what it is, cause I've never seen it in other's homes. And I'm really not sure about the under mount sinks. The traditional self rimming sinks (I think that is what they are called) gives some protection when balancing hot pots on the edge, or handling big pots clunking around in the sink. Please chime in on what you have done and liked or not liked about any style.


And just in general, any pitfalls, lessons learned, good or bad experiences you can share about the entire process, brands, choices you made or didn't would be wonderful food for thought for us. 


I haven't spent years looking on Pinterest, or online at dream kitchens, as I know I can't buy most of what I would see. I will not be fussing and agonizing over the choices for very long, it just isn't me. But I would like to make informed decisions on the budget friendly end, and have everyone's insight and experiences to run with.


Thanks in advance.

If you have roof issues take care of that first 

leak could ruin a new kitchen 

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

We did an update on our small galley kitchen 4 years ago.   Our neighbor was the general contractor; he set us up with a local cabinetmaker, as I wanted custom cabinets to fit my needs, not basic stock options.


I had 3x the amount of cabinets made as were torn out, Formica countertops, and all hardware, installed, for $3800.   My new cabinets have deep, full extend “pot” drawers, with heavyweight bottoms.  I would rather get what I need from a full extend drawer, than bend down and reach blindly into a floor cabinet trying to find what I need.    


I feel sure a local cabinetmaker can make a sturdier, more durable Wolf style cabinet at a better price.   

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

Mominohio, I put a kitchen together in my newly-built home. Not an easy task. 


Although I have a stainless sink now, my former home had a Blanco silgranite sink I loved it. Stainfree, scratchfree, so easy to clean. I highly recommend it. 


I chose a quartz countertop for my kitchen perimeter. It is so easy to clean. No scratching, no sealing needed and u can put a hot pot on it. Since I have essential tremor, it was my best option. 


My cabinets are the shaker style in an off white color. I got brushed stainless knobs and I have stainless appliances. I have a wall oven and microwave right on top of it. So for my stove, I have the burners only, with cabinets under it. To offset my countertop and cabinets, I chose a crushed glass backsplash and got an arabesque-like pattern over my  stovetop. 


My only mistake with getting a dark wood floor. It needs constant cleaning. If I had to do it again, I would get tile. 


I have a center island island which I extended. I have a dark granite countertop on it with lots of silver mica and gold splashes in it.  I have the same shaker style around the base of it to match my cabinets.  It is my focal point. 


I got glass in two doors that are diagonally across from each other. 


I got dove-tailed drawers and sliding drawers for my pots. I regret not getting under cabinet lighting, but at some point u have to stop cause it really adds up. 


On another note, I posted a topic in the travel forum looking for advice on planning a trip to Holmes County. Your pics of Amish buggies outside your window always give me a desire to visit there. Any input is very appreciated. 


Good luck with your kitchen. Don't rush into anything keep us posted!❤️

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

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Check out this site for lots of helpful information.



houzz dot com/discussions/Home-decorating 

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Re: Kitchen renovation input needed

I switched out my double sink for a single sink and I am happy I did because I never liked the double sink. 


My only suggestion is to make sure you pick the depth you want.  The sink they gave me is really too deep and if I spend too much time washing dishes it starts to bother my back.  They never asked me about the depth and I didn't know I had a choice.

Lesson learned.



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