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NYTimes has interesting article about the history Karastan Rugs. 

The rugs were touted as the every man rug. The rugs were made with wool yarns and simulated the designs of persian and chinese designs. 


The company has been acquirred by Mohawk. The 100 yr old production facility in NC will be shut down. Mohawk will use synthetic yarn and not wool. At least they will still be made in the USA at their Ga facility.


I have 2 Karastan rugs that I like just as much as my "real" oriental  rug. 

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Re: Karastan Rugs

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Over 50 years ago, my now-deceased mother-in-law gave me and my husband (now ex) 2 beautiful Karastans with a very traditional oriental pattern.


They were large, very heavy and almost new.  But the ex didn't like them and insisted she take them back when we moved from our apartment to a home.


For that, and many other reasons, he was no bargain Cat LOL  Of course, he might have asked for the rugs in the divorce settlement, but I sure wish I had them now.

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I'm sorry to hear they will not be made of wool. I have ones that We purchased 40 years ago when we built the house. 
 I had some from Mohawk in Ga since family worked there. I gave them away.