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Re: It took us 20 years to unpack....

It's lovely china, @house_cat 

I know that nagging feeling of, well, NOT knowing.


This isn't the same, but recently I found an expensive necklace I'd thought was stolen by a carpet cleaner but didn't realize until months later it was missing.  Needless to say, it wasn't something I wore often.


I found it a couple of months ago (after YEARS of it being missing) after cleaning out the upper shelf in my closet.  I had no one to blame but me since I was the one who "hid" it up there in the first place.

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Re: It took us 20 years to unpack....



When I got married 36 years ago, a friend of mine worked for a dry cleaning company. She had my dress preserved and boxed.  We tucked it away somewhere and I haven't seen it since.  We've moved a few times, so it must have been left in one of the crawl spaces in one of our houses.  I'm 5 feet tall and weighed 90 pounds when I bought that dress, so it's not like I would be able to wear it even to a costume party.  My son's girlfriend is taller than me, but skinny enough to fit into it.  It's probably better that I lost it so I don't have to offer it to her and she doesn't have to politely refuse it, lol.  Still, it bothers me that someone probably found it and threw it away.

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