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Is There A Plumber In The House???

I need help.  After a shower, my shower head drips, but it only drips whenever the hot water is turned on from either of the 2 sinks in the bathroom -- not the cold.  It's absolutely driving me batty.  Turn the hot tap on and it's drip, drip, drip.  Turn it off and magically it stops.  No problem when the cold faucet.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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Re: Is There A Plumber In The House???

You may have old and worn washers that is allowing the hot water (heat expands the washer) through. I would check there first. Then maybe call someone because all water should stop when you shut it off so there is still a seal that isnt tight any longer.

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Re: Is There A Plumber In The House???


You just need a handyman not a plumber - who are expensive. Do u go to nextdoor dot com? I'm on that site (people from ur local community are on there) - and I would post ur problem. A few months ago, I had a few problems - one was electrical - and I posted it and a man who lives a few blocks away was a retired electrician from the navy. He also fixed a few other problems and didn't want to charge me. But - I did pay him.