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Re: Informal DR

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I like the room but I would have to put upholstered high back dining room chairs at the table and do away with the benches. I would also get rid of the two chairs by the buffet.

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I do like it but the frames are too much for me. 

The picnic style table and benches are something my best friend has had for 30 years. She has 5 kids and now 12 grandkids. They got so tired of replacing chairs with such a large family and constant use that they always buy upscale picnic style tables and benches. They still replace it (along with alot of their furniture) every few years.

I don't find them very comfortable to sit on but it works for them.

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I’m ok with the room. I like lighter rooms and the rustic furnishings remind me of the farm. Yay for me.

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My farm grandparents had a long table and benches similar to this on their screened porch, which is where we ate in the summer, to get away from the hot cookstove in the kitchen.   


To go with the simple look they had going back then, only the dresser and 2 chairs should remain.   

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Looks dull and uncomfortable.

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I like the big picture behind the table.  The table would work if it was stained dark.  The way it is, it looks like it should be outside.  Everything else needs to go.

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Looking at it enlatged it's nice.  Looks like maybe an enclosed porch.  My grandmother had what she called a back room off her kitchen that was narrow that, but it only had a window.  I like it.

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I think the table as people are referring to as a picnic table is more of a old trestle type table and benches - never have ever seen a picnic bench with curved bases.


The table, benches, side chairs, and chest (which to me, is an old map /chart drawer type piece) all work well together,


The artwork and decorative items are what are lacking here, adding no interest whatsoever. None.


Nice furniture pieces.

And, that wood floor is nice too!


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I think it works well.  I would be curious to know if it is an enclosed room, or a dining area that is open to the kitchen.  I would like it better as the latter.