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Re: In the market for a new fridge

My Frigidare is over 20 years old with no repairs needed.   It has freezer on top.   My mother had a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom.  It was very inconvenient and a bother to crawl down and to the back to get stuff.   If these new french ones have drawrers that pull out, that would keep you from having to do the bend and crawl.   Hope you find "the one" and love it.

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Re: In the market for a new fridge

Thank you all for the feedback and opinions and personal experiences. My house is in the process of being built in Lake City Fl. So I have decisions to make Solo. For that reason I appreciate these boards!

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Re: In the market for a new fridge

I am looking for ALL new appiances. Mine are 17 years old and still working, thanks be to the appliance gods---but really want more modern, less noisy, easy to use ones. The refer is my biggest pain. Too small and it has the freezer on the bottom which I like, but you open a door that swings out instead of a pull out drawer. Would like the french doors, at least 25cu ft  in space and drawer type freezer---no water in the front either. No bells or whistles but still will cost me around $2000 if it's on sale. Wonder when my money tree will start to bloom????

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Re: In the market for a new fridge

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We chose a Whirlpool side by side for our new house.

Hi @151949  .. we just got a Whirlpool side by side in January!!   Initially we had our hearts set on a French Door Refrigerator.  The French Door refrigerators are really nice looking.  BUT, just IMHO, I have several friends/family members who have them and the freezer section is always a mess (even those belonging to very neat, organized individuals) and you have to dig through everything to reach what you need.  With our side by side everything is in plain sight and easy to reach.  Again, this is just IMHO.  

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Re: In the market for a new fridge

I would say a BIG no to LG or Samsung!


For anything else buy what's on sale or a scratch and dent.

As many have said everything is made to last no more than 8 yrs and my conversation with an appliance executive confirmed it.

People do not want appliances for ever, they want the newest models now.

Think about it- kids grow up expected the newest $900 phone every year a new one is released.  

Items are made for now, not to last decades.

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Re: In the market for a new fridge



We own LG French door and love it. Especially the long drawer for cold cuts cheese dips or just about anything. It fits so much. And it has the veggie and fruit drawers but also a drawer that is in the middle of those two, really comes in handy. 

I have an LG French door but counter depth.  It looks just as large as a standard size fridge but it doens't stick way out beyone the cabinets.

I have the same LG model, also counter depth.  Love that big center drawer because I set it to fridge temp, not freezer temp, since I have a chest freezer in garage.  Good ice maker that doesn't take up entire inside left door.  Great LED lighting.  A little hard to shove the bottom freezer door closed.  Hate the stainless steel finish because so hard to keep clean; shows every tiny mark.  Black stainless scratches and peels too easily.  Next time I may go back to my tried and true white.