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I think it's perfect!  Couch looks comfy enough to nap on and just enough greenery to make it fresh and inviting without being a greenhouse/jungle.  It's a sunporch, not a greenhouse.

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Lush and green.  I love it!

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Love this refreshing space but is it wise to have white-clad furniture her? Also would definitely want a similar moon room too.

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Bring my drink to the sunroom please. I love this. Nice place to nap. 

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This one's a keeper!

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I like this one.

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Love this open airy space.Love the colors used as well.

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Beautiful pleasant looking space...very nice.

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That is a pretty room. I like the black wicker. That being said, the white upholstery needs to be changed. It is too stark for the black wicker and the other elements of color in the room.

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I'd trade out all of the wicker furniture.  Otherwise, it's a glorious room!