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one kings lane_bunny williams_SUNROOM.jpg

In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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Love this space. I could be comfortable there. 

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Loving the ceiling color and the artwork.

Nice pairing of indoor/outdoor life.

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I like it but it needs more plants, Hibiscus with great big flowers.

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the room itself is pretty, but i don't like the way it is furnished at all.  i would prefer more greenery and some warm tones

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Too formal for me.  I'd like furniture I could curl up and lounge on, maybe take a nap.

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Nice.  I see at least one rocker and a couple of chaise lounges.  I could have some good conversations (with myself, or others) here.


Aside - is it a moon room at night?🌙

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I believe it's the lovely porch shown near the end of the video on Bunny Williams' Connecticut house.  I remember being taken with the pale blue ceiling, the black wicker and the plants.


Her attention to detail and appreciation of comfort shows up in even the smallest spaces!

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I would love this room. So nicely decorated. Very inviting.

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This reminds me of Upstate NY.