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I think if you would remove 90% of the plants etc from these rooms they would look 100% more appealing.

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@akaburtonfan wrote:

@ladycos  Love the chairs in picture #2. Do you have any info for that picture. 


After a a bit of research I found the chairs. They were on a site called the chair stylist. I checked out her shop called chair whimsy — she has beautiful stuff. Unfortunately at $1200/chair they’re a bit too much for me. 



I love those chairs also.. They are on Etsy and they are from chair whiimsy. They are 600.00 each with out the fabric .. Wow, not in my budget either.  But it would be nice to have two just to build the rest of a room around..


Some of the rooms are over the top but I do draw inspiration from them 


It's kinda like a fashion show that you wouldn't wear outfits as extreme as the models do,but they inspire the coming styles. 


I am really drawn to some of these rich colors especially the green sofas. 



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Re: In living color !

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The velvety couches look comfy, though I don't like that shade of blue...I'd throw everything else out....except the little bamboo table and the plants!

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Fun and stimulating, @ladycos.   I say that as one who leans more pastel and subdued, but, like you say, these rooms are akin to a fashion show, meant to inspire, perhaps.  Lots of good ideas...

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#3 minues the painting and the chandelier and the last picture I could live with. The rest is too much for me, and A bit overload....

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Wow, that first photo and the "library" one a few photos later look like they're staged sets from a home store (or possibly a thrift store based on the outdatedness of many of the items) where you could just go and buy individual pieces. And there's way, way, WAY too much clutter for my taste throughout despite some of the great pops of color.

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I love color and eclectic charm, but I would have a lot more restraint than this for my taste.  I can pick out one or two things from each photo and love it for my own decor. 


But on the whole, this is way too much to live in every day. 

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Re: In living color !

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Too much color and cluttered is just that, too much color and clutter in all the rooms!