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I like Flip or Flop with their California design, but also like the cozy designs of Hometown.


My other favorites are No Demo Reno and Save My House with Nate and  Jeremiah.  I loved the house they designed on Rock the Block.


The designs on Flip or Flop Vegas were very different with bold color choices.


@oznell - I loved The Unselleables with Sofie Alsopp!!!  That was one of the first shows I watched on HGTV.

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Re: If You Watch HGTV ...

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Nate and Jeremiah: Jeremiah, in particular, has such a design talent. These two are number 1 on my list. Not only great designs, but fun to watch them interact with each other and the homeowners.

Fixer Upper: Chip and Joanna are fun to watch and Joanna is a phenomenal designer.

Candace Olson: This show is not on any more, but I loved the way Candice personalized the designs to fit the homeowner.

Home Town: Love Erin and Ben and their relationship and humor. Ben is a skilled carpenter and artisan and Erin is a talented designer with so many original ideas.

Windy City Rehab: Interesting design choices.

Farmhouse Fixer: Entertaining and great design. A new favorite.

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Home Town is my all time favorite. I like that they preserve what they can, I like that it's not cookie cutter and I just love Ben and Erin

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Hometown, Ben & Erin...there houses never look the same, so to me they look like real "homes" when they are done..Plus they really do love the town they live in..Smiley Happy

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I only watch Flip or Flop and Good Bones regularly. I love the design style of ForF much better but Good Bones is done in Indiana and I love Karen and Mina so I like to watch my Hoosier "Chicks".
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I love Farmhouse Fixer.  I was actually surprised to see it listed here because there does not seem to have been much hype surrounding the snow.  Initially, I was intrigued by the fact that the subject homes are very close to where I live.  All of the houses that have been renovated are classic New England styles so it has been interesting to see the transformations.  As I've watched more shows, I have become equally impressed with Jonathan Knight, who is the host/renovator.  He is perhaps more well known as one of the New Kids on the Block, but he has a real talent for renovation as well.  He's also very likable, in my opinion.  I hope the show is renewed for another season.


I also like the work of Hilary Farr.  Home Town is not really my design aesthetic, but I do appreciate the fact that Erin Napier pays attention to her client's design choices, thereby personalizing each home.  I could never get into Flip or Flop (California) because every house looked exactly the same.  I realize that the premise of the show is "flipping" and so the end product has to appeal to the masses.  Not very interesting to watch, though. I also really liked Desert Flippers, which was set in Palm Springs.  I loved that the style was colorful and different.  I haven't seen that show in some time so I assume it's been canceled.


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I love HGTV home shows!  Love it or List it, and Hilary's designs are beautiful. I do like Joanne Gaines' designs but can't watch Chip's hamminess!
I do watch and like Hometown, but I'm  already getting saturated with it... Erin is adorable and I wish my hair would look like hers... Envy....   

I still like Flip or Flop, but I always thought that Christina doesn't explain her choices enough.