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Re: I need a good mattress topper-recommendations?

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I recently purchased a gel-infused memory foam topper made by Linenspa (I got it from Amazon). It has a nice balance of softness and springiness, and I mainly chose it because so many of the reviews noted that it didn't have the strong odor typically associated with the material—and I was pleased that the scent was just noticeable but not strong once I opened the package. Per the instructions, I let it fluff up for 48 hours before placing it on the bed, and by the time I had it set up and covered with sheets, I didn't smell it much at all. After three days, the odor had completely dissipated. It claims to be less hot than some other memory foam toppers, and in comparison with the one other topper I tried, I found that to be the case. (However, it's obviously not high summer at the moment.)


Overall, I really like the topper, but it did confirm for me that I will never want a full memory foam mattress and much prefer the traditional spring style. Although it does provide support and prevent some tossing and turning, which helps my back, it keeps me too "stuck in place" at times, and that strains my back a bit. Fortunately, this is just a stopgap until I buy a big new bed in a few months after my master bedroom remodel is complete.


Good luck with your purchase, @Onefineday!