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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

so many do not know HE has agitator  they got it without it makes a huge difference to get the HE agitator to me it's like a normal washer. control the water level add more water for a full load but cheaper ones will not do it. front load scares me, thinking the door will fly open & water all over heard problems with mildrew smell I live in Az so dry never had it with top loading. Some smaller front load will not wash a king size comforter, did watch ratings.  These appliances are expensive oh a fridge will set you back Appliances could last 20yrs not now after 14yr if lucky you get that much time good luck.Dd got towhouse the fridge & dishwasher 14yrs  had to replace them. I am at the point after 10yrs old don't repair just replace so sad. This is way it is now. 

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D


I am starting to wonder if the front loading HE washers are going to phase out as so many people are having problems and are not happy.  It seems like the top loading with agitators are the way to go.

Like you I was lucky in that I never had the mildew smell problem and I live in a humid (in the summer) region.  


I have resigned myself that no applicance is going to have a long life and I am ok with that.  We have had 2 HE washers in 10 yrs.  The last repair was $523 - I do NOT know what I was thinking.  No more repairs for us, we will replace only in the future.


It is just the 2 of us and a large portion of our clothes are dry cleaned.  Most of our friends with children replace appliances after 8 yrs!