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I am dreaming of a new master bath

When we moved into our house almost 10 years ago, our master bath was out of date.  It is a super large bathroom (really ridiculously large) so we could afford to completely remodel.  I did replace the gold fixtures and shower doors with bronze.  Lately I have been dreaming of completely remodeling.  The master bedroom walls are beige and the bedding is navy blue so I thinking of doing the bath in coordinating colors but I am not feeling the beige and blue motif.  I was thinking of a dark floor like charcoal with white tiles in the shower and white walls.  We would replace the built in tub with a free standing white tub and I was thinking black cabinets with marble-like quartz countertops.  Maybe chrome fixturess?  


What do you all think?  This might not happen for awhile but I can dream. 

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

@ninjawife  I just hired a contractor to redo the 2 & 1/2 bathrooms in my house. We've lived here for over 30 years & DH & decided it was time to redo the bathrooms & do some more updating.


 It's a huge project & we're going to take it in one bathroom at a time,starting with the master bathroom.I have a lot of decisions to make. DH always lets me make these kind of decisions & always loves what I choose.Work is scheduled to begin after Labor Day.

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

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@ninjawife  That's funny you say your master bath is 'ridiculously large' because I alway say mine is *freakishly large*.


Especially in comparison to the size of our master bedroom.


I only have myself to blame for that as I was the architect for designing the room placement and sizes.


So, now we're going to tear down the wall between the two and enlarge our bedroom and add another closet and make our bathroom smaller.


I will be giving up our deep soaking tub, which I love and so do my grandchildren, for a tiled shower (will still be a nice size) and even the laundry room will be downsized.  (Boo hiss).


We're doing the demolition ourselves and everything will go out a large window onto the deck.  And taken care of from there.


I can't stand the thought of drywall and all the other debris getting dragged through the house. We're actually going to enter and exit through the window as the door to our bedroom will be completely closed off during the demo.


We'll call in the experts to rehang drywall, but that's it.  My husand can finish it and he also does a great job with tile work, so he'll do the bathroom and laundry.


I'm keeping all fixtures and appliances (sinks, mirrors, commode, and a free standing floor to ceiling cabinet.  They're only 5 years old and it's still what I want.


I dread it, but I'm excited at the same time.


Good luck with your project!  



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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

I have remodeled 5 bathrooms in 6 years, 4 by contractors and one powder room by ourselves.  Our master bathroom is also very large.  The owners before us used dark colors.  The vanities were black, the tile a dark beige/brown.  It had a huge walk up jacuzzi garden tub and fixtures were gold.  I went with light colors, creams and taupes.  Cabinets are a shaker style in cream.  Pulled out the garden tub and put in a double slipper free standing tub.  I always seem to change directtion when remodeling.  So give it a lot of thought.  I look on line a lot for ideas.

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

My only advice is to include a walk-in shower in any Primary Bath remodel. At a certain age stepping in and out of a shower/tub combo is dangerous at best. It actually becomes impossible at some point. I speak from the voice of experience.

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

I have 3 bathrooms in my home. They go from what I would call "nice size" to small. One has a bathtub and the other two showers. They are all white with a black floor. They were all done at different times. Every bathroom looks different, even though they are all white. Obviously this is my favorite way to go in a bathroom....white and more white. I like a really shiny black tile for the floor against white walls. Everyone comments how attractive it is. 

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

While I like the look of the vintage stand alone tub, I like my bath stuff handy like soaps and bath salts, towels, etc, and that means something to store items close by. Also, think about where to place grab bars.


It's hard for me to give up my built in cast iron tub. 😊

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

Best of luck to all of those remodeling bathrooms including me!  The previous owners put a modernist grey bathroom in my otherwise traditional home.  They took out the bathtub.  I can't afford to replace all the modernist finishes, but I'm going to add back a soaking tub, darn it.  I wish they hadn't remodeled the bathroom at all.  I saw pictures of the before and liked that configuration much better.

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Re: I am dreaming of a new master bath

You can't go wrong with white. Allows you to change out the accessories whenever your color whim desires! I'd be careful about a dark charcoal floor, though. Maybe something lighter if you must have grey, or perhaps a wood tone? Will you use tile or LVP? The white countertop with marble style veining would be pretty -- you can get Corian or quartz products that are very durable. What about a very creamy beige on the walls? You know, like when you put too much milk in your coffee or hot chocolate...just a hint of a warm tone. Trim white? In my experience black cabinets show fingerprints. You can mix metals for your fixtures and cabinet handles and lighting. Don't forget the mirror(s)!