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What is this mattress like? What do you set it on top of? Do you need a box spring or bed frame?

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Can't answer you question other than yes, the one I tried one & it needed a box spring. Google for more information.

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Which mattress are you referring to?

Most hybrid matresses can be placed on any frame except the old beds that had just a few slats. Box spring, adjustable frame and even the floor should all work..

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Re: Hybrid Mattress advice

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We have a hybrid that we purchased from Wayfair and we love it!  The setup is totally up to you.  You can use a traditioinal box spring on a traditional bedframe or you can use a platform (the hybrid mattress goes directly on the frame - no box spring).  We chose to use a platform that sits about 14" high so there's a nice amount of storage under the bed.

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I have a couple of questions too about these types of mattresses. first closer to firm or softer side, second weight for a couple? I have an interspring which we replaced and now we have a sagging problem again Third difference in brands? and 4th are tempapedics nice and are they worth the money since they are pricey compared to other brands

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Re: Hybrid Mattress advice

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I have a Sealy Trust II. It is so comfortable. I love it. It’s more on the firmer side. I have it on a adjustable frame.