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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

Thanks for all your replies. It seems to me now that it's probably not recyclable glass.  I will find a use for them, they are nice after all.

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

@jannabelle1 wrote:

When the remaining wax is cool (about 1" to 2" left in the container), put the container in your freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes. When you take it out of the freezer, nudge one edge of the wax with a dinner knife, and it should pop right out in a disc. Throw the disc away and put the glass container in your dishwasher to clean it and use it for other purposes. If the disc of wax still has a nice scent, you can break it into pieces to use in a wax melter. I try to repurpose nice candle holders for other purposes, and this method is the cleanest and easiest for doing that.

@jannabelle1 , that sounds interesting. Here's how I remove the unused wax. Boil water and pour enough over the wax to cover it by a couple of inches and let it set. Soon the wax begins to float to the top in little clumps--sort of like a lava lamp. In a little while all the wax will be collected at the top of the water and can be removed in a single disc. I discard the water and take a few drops of Goo Gone on a paper towel to remove any residue. When it looks and feels clean I wash it or put it in the dishwasher. I like your method too and may give it a try. Smiley Happy

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

I just throw them out.  There's no use for them after the candle is over.   I certainly would never dump them on some thrift shop.  What would they do with them?  They aren't drinking glasses...LOL   

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

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If you’re likely to need to do this more than a couple of times, just buy a $5 candle warmer plate.


You stand the candle on it, enjoy the last of the scent in the wax as it melts, then at the end of the day just pour the melted wax out cleanly. No effort involved, easy cleanup. I pour the wax into a little silicon cake mold and pop it out into the garbage when it’s cool.


You can also use the warmer at other times: when your candle wick is drowning, pour off some of the wax into a little $1 bowl, put the bowl on the warmer and enjoy the wax as if it were a tart. 


Sometimes I deliberately make a tart by pouring off some wax. It’s great for those times when you want the scent but don’t want to burn a candle for whatever reason. 


These candle warmers are well worth a few dollars in these sort of situations.

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

I have a warming burner on my stove I use as a candle warmer. When it's melted I pull out the wick and pour it into a glas jar

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

Throw them against the wall and say never again!

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Re: How to dispose of Harry Slatkin candles

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Are these the ones with the really nice heavy glass jars like the ones offered last fall and last Christmas?  If so, they make really nice dresser jars.  I scraped the wax out and wiped the jar with a paper towel.  Then I poured almost boiling water into the jar to melt what was left, poured it out, and wiped again with a paper towel.  I had 10 of them, so I donated them to a local thrift store.

I do the same thing ... they are great jars ....


It's always best to try to give them a second life. His jars are so heavy, an many are very pretty. I don't need them, but I know there are others that would have a ton of uses for them. Donating is good!