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Re: How do you guys hang pictures?

@Happiness Is Inside JOB wrote:

@Justice4all wrote:

@Laura14 ook nails

I also use OOK Nails.


They have many types and some that hold up to 200 lbs.


I had a heavy mirror from Pier 1 and I tought OH NO!!!


How will I hang this item?  Well I went on Amazon and found the OOK Nails.  I hung the mirror with two hooks to be on the safe side.  


Also I watched quite a few you tube videos that showed how to add wire to a picture, and nail the items correctly on a wall so it is placed nicely.

om GOSH!


They really are called 'ook nails'!!!


I thought someone's *H* got stuck.  


Like in the post above (the word 'thought').


I learned something new today!

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Re: How do you guys hang pictures?


UGG!  My husband says I do a lousy job.  I've used too big of nails which leave too large of holes in the walls.  So he's repaired them with I think a putty sort of material?  I've since directed him to do the hanging since he's so "perfect."  

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Re: How do you guys hang pictures?

My husband is the picture hanger in our family, but I think that Pottery Barn has a video on their website about hanging pictures, etc.......